Nūtō (old Latin definition).

Verb: 1st conjugation

  1. wave, give away

  2. nod, note

  3. gesture


Urban Dictionary definition:

Pronounced (New-toe). Other forms… Nuto Like or Nuto-Istic

  1. word to describe when you’re feeling happy, mellow, or in a good mood…

  2. something that just happened that made your mouth drop…

  3. something so sick, wicked and nasty…

  4. “I’m so nuto… or I feel so nuto-istic right now”


Born in São Paulo, Brazil, one of the biggest cities in the world, I was lucky to have been raised going to my grandparents’ ranch outside the city.

There, I experienced the strength and beauty of the Atlantic Forest. Every week I would bring something new to show my friends in the city; weird plants, tadpoles, tiny spiders, moss, fresh fruits and herbs. So I grew up with a very acute sense of the differences between the cities and rural areas.  

Places like this are being destroyed by an invasive approach to populate and capitalize. Now residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I see this approach happening within the urban setting as new development changes the city demographics. 

I often reckon with the artist's role in society. Our impending participation in gentrification and social upheaval. My goal is to create experiences that serve as a platform for conversation about current issues, so that we can reconcile against social polarization and become a global village. Perhaps this will change the way we are impacting the environment and help us preserve some of the habitats and species on earth. 




Luíza de Ávila Cardenuto

Born in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. 1989

2013 BFA in Visual and Critical Studies, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

2011 AA in Art & Art Education, Miami Dade Collage, Miami, FL


Penn State Extension Program, Philadelphia, PA. Master gardener.  Since 2019

Rush Arts Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. Gallery Manager. Since 2017

University City Arts League, Philadelphia, PA. Teaching Artist. Since 2016

Love Yourself Project, New York, NY. Member of the Board of Directors. Since 2015




The Alternative Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. "American Refugee" Jan 31- Feb 21

University City Arts League, Philadelphia, PA. "Faculty Show" Dec. 04 - Jan 30

Rush Arts Philadelphia. “The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far” Nov. 22 – Dec. 16

Space 2033. Philadelphia, PA “Winter Show” Group Exhibition. Dec.-Feb.

University City Arts League. Philadelphia, PA “Arts Educators” Group Exhibition. December.

Space 2033. Philadelphia, PA “Unearthed” Solo Exhibition. November.

Rush Arts Philly. Philadelphia, PA “We Are Stronger Together”. Group Exhibition. Aug.-Nov.

Living Gallery. Brooklyn, NY “Vibrations II” Group Exhibition. September 1- 25.

Queen Memorial. Philadelphia, PA  “The Future Show” Juried Exhibition. May 25 - 30

Space 2033. Philadelphia, PA “Open Sanctuary” Two-Person Exhibition. April 1 - 22

Littlefield Gallery. Brooklyn, NY “Gold Rush Awards” Juried Exhibition. October 22 - Nov 15

Space 2033. Philadelphia, PA “Untittled” Juried Exhibition. August 1 - 30
Galeria De Rua. Sao Paulo, SP “Tem Gente Que Tem” Juried Exhibition. June 1 - 25

Nobody’s Gallery. Philadelphia, PA “The Machine that Runs Itself” Group Exhibition. May 3 - 10


Littlefield Gallery. Brooklyn, NYC “Gold Rush Awards” Group Exhibition. October.

Space 2033. Philadelphia, PA “Once upon a ride” Juried Exhibition. September.

Canto Das Aguas. Sao Paulo, SP “Sentando e Assistindo” Solo Exhibition. September.

Paper Mill. Philadelphia, PA Untitled Juried Exhibition. February.


Moksha Art Gallery. Miami, FL “Vision Art -Art Basel” Group Exhibition. December.

Galeria Onde. Sao Paulo, SP  “Onde vamos?” Group Exhibition. June.


Michael Mut Gallery. New York, NY “Handy Minds” Group Exhibition. August.

Michael Mut Gallery. New York, NY “Asymmetry” Juried Exhibition. June.

SVA Exhibition Hall. New York, NY “Defending Dialog” Group Exhibition. May.

Michael Mut Gallery. New York, NY “Letters of Love” Group Exhibition. April.

Michael Mut Gallery. New York, NY “It’s a Matter of Mind” Juried Exhibition. April.

SVA Exhibition Hall. New York, NY “VCS Open Studios” Group Exhibition. January.


Michael Mut Gallery. New York, NY “Elect trick” Juried Exhibition. September.

Moksha Art Gallery. Miami, FL “Open Eyed” Group Exhibition. January.


Bake House Art Complex. “Artists” Group Exhibition. May.

Miami Moksha Art Gallery. Miami, FL “New-Age Art” Juried Exhibition. January.


Galeria 3 Puntos. Barcelona, ES “Argila” Group Exhibition. July.

Vagabond. Miami, FL “Rock Arts” Group Exhibition. April.

Casa das Artes. Sao Paulo, SP “Entre Linhas” Juried Exhibition. January.


Moksha Art Gallery. Miami, FL “Anti-Culture” Juried Exhibition. August.

Viral Studios. Miami, FL Untitled Group Exhibition. January