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My Name is Luiza Cardenuto, I am a visual artist working in printmaking,

sculpture and interactive installations.

My primary source of inspiration is the contrast between the natural and urban environments.

I examine how we interact with plants and animals by drawing the various ways in which we present them in cities and in the media. Taking pictures when I visit parks, zoos and botanical gardens, as well as finding images in magazines and social media, I create large-scale linoleum block prints that are collaged onto wood panels.


The wood panels become imaginary environments contained within the frame. Sometimes the panels become sculptures or take the shape of an immersive installation where the viewer interacts with the elements.


Born in São Paulo, Brazil, one of the biggest cities in the world, I was lucky to have been raised going to my grandmother’s ranch just outside the city lines. There, I experienced the transformation of rural areas by an invasive approach to populate and capitalize.  I now reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where this approach is happening within the urban setting as new development changes the city demographics.


I often reckon with the artist's role in society- our impending participation in gentrification and social upheaval. My goal is to create experiences that serve as a platform for conversation about current issues, so that we can reconcile against social polarization.

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