Color Your Head Out!!!

My first coloring book is finally here!

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Luiza CardeNūtō

Luiza Cardenuto, who exhibits her work under the name Nūtō, is a visual artist working in printmaking, sculpture and interactive installations. Her primary source of inspiration lies in the contrast between the natural and urban environment.

She examines how humans interact with plants and animals by drawing from the various ways in which they present them in cities and in the media. Taking pictures when visiting parks, zoos and botanical gardens, as well as finding images in magazines and social media, she creates large-scale linoleum block prints that are collaged onto wood panels and onto city walls.

The wood panels become imaginary environments contained within the frame. Sometimes the panels become sculptures or take the shape of an immersive installation where the viewer interacts with the elements. In doing so, the viewer is placed in a position of contemplation.

Much like looking at a vast landscape, this sense of wonder and awe is something Luiza is constantly striving for in her daily life. Art making is a mysterious act of reflection and however momentarily, each piece carries in it, an ecosystem of the mind. 



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